The Jared Roe Memorial Walleye Tournament is an annual fishing tournament held at Angostura Reservoir outside of Hot Springs, SD. It is in remembrance of Jared Roe, an avid fisherman and all around sportsman. He wanted to fish so badly that before he was old enough to drive a boat, he talked his parents into buying a paddle boat so he could manually maneuver around the lake and not have to wait for anyone to take him fishing. After high school, Jared dedicated his life to the United States National Guard and on May 9, 2011, days before he was being deployed to Afghanistan, a tragic accident at the lake took his life. He was 19 years old.

This tournament was started as a way for Jared’s siblings and parents to honor the 5th anniversary of his death, but really it is a celebration of bringing people together doing something that he loved.