Rules and Regulations

4th Annual Jared Roe Memorial Walleye Tournament


(To download a pdf version, click here rules and regulations)


To begin with, we want to thank our family, friends, sponsors, and anglers who made the last three tournaments such a wonderful success. The outpouring of support has exceeded any of our expectations!

We will have food and beverages at the Roe House located on Cove Road following weigh-in, along with presentation of winners and door prizes.

In the last 3 years we have raised over $2400 for veterans locally and nationally.

***The safety briefing will be the night before at the Calcutta. It’s MANDATORY that at least one person from each team needs to be there for the briefing and to pick up a physical copy of the rules. The tournament will officially begin at 7:00 am with weigh-in at 3:30 PM at Shelter 3. Shelter 3 is located right next to the walk-out fishing pier.***

1. The tournament is limited to 65 boats. Each team is limited to 3 fishermen per boat. Any applications received after the 65 boat limit will be returned.

2. Entry fee is $50.00 per boat. Please make any checks payable to ‘Julie Roe’.

3. Each walleye must be a MINIMUM length of 15 inches and maximum length of 20 inches. According to SDGFP regulations, each person may possess 1 walleye exceeding 20 inches. The daily limit is 4 walleye per person.

4. All walleye caught and placed in the live-well MUST BE KEPT. THERE IS NO CATCH AND RELEASE ALLOWED ONCE A FISH HAS BEEN IN A LIVE WELL IN SOUTH DAKOTA. Anglers are responsible for the legal disposal of their fish.

5. Weigh-in will begin at 3:30 pm. Boats arriving after 3:30 will not be allowed to weigh in.

6. Following weigh-in, prizes will be distributed at 5:30. Prizes will be given for the first 5 places and the single largest walleye. Door prizes will be won through a ticket drawing. Only fisherman will be given tickets. You MUST get your ticket in person. Fellow team members CANNOT get a ticket for you and switching tickets for better/grand prizes is not allowed. 

7. ALL rules and regulations by SDGFP must be followed pertaining to vehicles, boats and fishing. Which means each boat must be licensed and all vehicles entering the park must have a valid park sticker/day pass. Team members 16 years and older must have a valid fishing license.

Reminders from Game and Fish we were asked to pass on:

  • Anglers may not import live bait from outside the state, and any bait species used should not be released live but instead should be dumped into the trash.
  • A person may not possess, transport, sell, purchase or propagate a State-listed Aquatic Nuisance Species.
  • Fishing tournament participants who have had their boat in waters outside of South Dakota or in any water bodies known to contain ANS should disinfect their boat and trailer before launching in South Dakota waters. Boat plugs cannot be placed in the boat until you reach the ramp area and must be removed before you leave the ramp area.

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